In Alphabetical Gardens

In Alphabetical Gardens

Listen here:

Episode 1 – Red Ink/ Blue Ink

Episode 2 – Saxophone Politburo

Episode 3 – The Dream of the Unconventional Party


On 19 August at 6:32 pm, the first episode of In Alphabetical Gardens (2021), a radio play by Than Hussein Clark, created for the exhibition, will be broadcast in Serbian by Radio Belgrade Channel 2, and in English by Cura

With In Alphabetical Gardens – a 16-episode radio play produced with The Director’s Theatre Writer’s Theatre and inspired by Susan Sontag’s The Benefactor (1963) – the artist explores the collapse between fiction and reality, telling the story of an American university student hiding in Belgrade, who lives by the dictates of his dreaming. The artist deconstructs the original novel, shifting the action from Paris to Belgrade, collaging the narrative with other found texts in the manner of Max Ernst’s Fatagaga series, creating a hallucination of Yugoslavian history from 1980 to the present.

The entire series will be released in English monthly from August 2021 in the online section featuring the Biennale.


Written and directed by Than Hussein Clark


Performed by The Director’s Theatre Writer’s Theatre 

Markus Bernhard Börger

Joseph Patrick Connolly

Steff Golding

Lisa Heinrici

Malwina Kajetańczyk

Catherine Luedtke

Valerie McCann

Andy McCredie

Josef Mohamed

Luis Odriozola

Laura Schuller

Alina Montana Weber


Produced by The Director’s Theatre Writer’s Theatre and RINSE123 LTD

Executive Producer – Lise Bell

Producer – Katie Della-Valle

Company Stage Managers – Georgia Bird, Kate Aisling Jones

Deputy Stage Manager – Helen King 

Sound Design – James Neville

Sound Assistant – Oliver Hyde-Mobbs, Douglas Neville

Dramaturg – Katrina Black

Script Supervision – Kiera Coward-Deyell, Scout Kauffman

Research Assistant – Jelena Dojcinovic

Technical Director – Benjamin Slinger

Studio Assistant – Jordan Derrien

Production Support – Alex Margo Arden

Translators – Milan Markovic, Tijana Parezanovic 


In association with

CURA, The Oktober Salon, The Cultural Centre of Belgrade and Radio Belgrade


With thanks to Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin, Zorana Djakovic, Katarina Kostandinovic, Jana Gligorijević, Mima Petkovic, Aleksandar Ilic and Vesna Perić