Disappearing Acts

Disappearing Acts or Tears and Sweat on an Island

Shooting for Than Clarks new exhibition in Milan

March 2019, London

Cast: Lisa Heinrici, Markus Bernhard Börger, Laura Schuller, Ruth Connick, Joseph Conolly, Alina Weber

Password: rinse


Pauline & BobbyOn an island

1. Someone tells a story about beeing loved, and therefore is beeing laughed at, at an island.

2. A discussion about lying on an island.

3. A story about kindness and pity on an island.

4. Someone says „the truth must be heard on an island“, the other says „why, the truth is shit on an island“.

5. Why the truth is not always good on an island. Someone gives an example why the truth can be very painfull on an island.

6. Lets get out of this island, because i love you.

7. A secret love is beeing discovered on an island.

8. Why staying on an island is good, and leaving an island is bad.

9. Someone is threatened with eviction from an island.

10. Why leaving an island early is better than leaving when its too late. 

11. Why drinking on an island effects your life.

12. Someone tells a story about how they ended up on an island.

13. Do you have to do something on an island?

14. Someone is attacked again on an island.

15. Someone ignores what is happening on an island.

16. The attacker gets attacked on an island.

17. The police is beeing called on an island.

18. Someone is beeing killed on an island.

19. How to deal with the police on an island.

20. A consperacy is beeing revealed on an island.