How to become an Octopus?

HOW TO BECOME AN OCTOPUS by virtuellestheater

When Earth is flooded, how will you survive? virtuellestheater provides the first issue of IQECO magazine with useful tools and knowledge to survive extinction by becoming an octopus-human hybrid: The Ultimate Octopus Sapiens Kit for Earthly Survival.

The video „How to Become an Octopus“ is part of the kit. it was produced exclusively for this publication and is derived from virtuellestheater’s 2017 performance „The AE – Guidance for an Extreme Present“.
The video is based on the assumption that only new symbiotic bonds and alliances between all life forms will ensure common survival for future generations. virtuellestheater believes that these alliances must cut across species, habitats and genders. Using language and story-telling as means of creating an alternate (yet thinkable) reality, the kit combines artistic fantasy with scientific possibilities in the form of virtual inter-species hybridization.


Performance: Alina Weber
Narrated by: Virginia Hartmann, Alina Weber, Laura Schuller, Hannah Müller, Andy McCredie, Steff Golding
Idea & Text: Sven Björn Popp
Artistic Direction: Sven Björn Popp & Alina Weber
Artistic Advice: Fee Römer & Janne Nora Kummer
Camera: Sven Björn Popp
Cut: Janne Nora Kummer
Make Up and Styling: Antina Christ
Music: AE-Soundtrack by Johannes Aue, 055XB HEXAL by Music for your Plants, Octopuses Garden by The Beatles (zwoern edit)
Translation of Part I: Brenton Withers
Translation of Parts II & III: Sven Björn Popp & Fee Römer
Thanks to: Jonathan Piehler, Christopher Heisler, Jakob Adebahr & Ruth Connick

based on “The AE – Guidance for an Extreme Present” by virtuellestheater (Ballhaus Ost 2017)

Picture: Sven Popp