Yes, yes all the news that´s fit in to print

7pm to 10pm | Than Hussein Clark | Yes, Yes, All the News that’s Fit To Print
Ongoing; Erste Kirche Christi, Picassoplatz 2; supported by MGM Resorts Art and Culture

Im Rahmen der Parcours Night der Art Basel

Clark’s performance tells the story of a patrician family torn apart when their
small town begins to refashion itself as a global metropolis without regard for
whom and what it might lose along the way. Drawing on Ibsen’s classic drama
An Enemy of the People and Brazilian Novelist Lucio Cardoso’s masterpiece
The Chronicle of the Murdered House, Clark’s piece explores the fault lines
between fact and fiction, autonomy and narrative, thus raising questions
about how the theatrical might delimit the performative present. This
premier performance of Clark’s thirteenth full scale dramatic work is written,
designed, and directed by the artist, and performed by members of the
artist’s theatre company – The Director’s Theatre Writer’s Theatre. Presented
with the additional support of Mathew Gallery, Berlin.
Additional performance scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, 9pm to 10pm.
With: Than Clark, Josef Mohamed, Ruth Connick, Laura Schuller, Alina Weber, Luis García, Eleanor Rachel, Henry Ashton, Steff Golding
Costume: Alex Margo Arden
Production: Katie Della Valle

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